This Year Will Be The Year of IPhone 12.

7 inches and also 2,778 by 1,284 pixels for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The screens are all greater resolution, as well as denser, than their apple iphone 11 precursors; the 12 and also 12 Pro are regarding the same resolution as the 11 Pro was. The iPhone 12 and 12 mini's displays are...

Pixel 5 ‘Battery Share’ makes reverse wireless charging easier

Pixel 5
One of the things we praised about the Pixel 5 in our review is its long battery life, which you can take advantage of if you need quick access to a wireless charger. Google’s new flagship device has reverse wireless charging capabilities called “Battery Share,” and according to its support page (found by 9to5Google),...

Comcast and Walmart might make smart TVs together

Comcast X1-powered TV
The next time you visit your local Walmart, you could find a Comcast X1-powered TV among the endless variety of sets from LG, Samsung and TCL. According to The Wall Street Journal, the telecommunications company is in early talks with Walmart about a potential pact that could see the retailer sell TV sets that...

Facebook makes more money per user than rivals, but it’s running out of growth options

Investors care about ARPU, which is measured by dividing revenue by number of users in a quarter, because it shows how effectively companies monetize their users. These social networks are becoming victims of their own success — the pool of new potential users keeps shrinking. If user growth starts to go flat or decline for...