What To Do If the Phone Is Not Compatible with China eSIM – Is There Any Alternative?

eSIM stands for embedded SIM. It’s an electronic chip that is integrated into your smartphone. Although it uses less space and is entirely digital, an eSIM performs the same function as a standard SIM. An eSIM can be purchased, set up, and activated directly from your smartphone. There is no need to maintain several SIM cards, replace your chip, or locate a SIM dealer.

eSIMs offer immediate connectivity. Before your journey, you can download your eSIM and connect as soon as you arrive in China. Prior to your trip, you can prepare a mobile connectivity solution thanks to the eSIM. If you want to continue using your regular apps while in China. You will need a VPN that China’s system does not block or another way of handling internet traffic. To learn more about Esim, see the details below.

What Should I Take into Account When Purchasing a China eSIM?

Before making a purchase, make sure your smartphone and the product variant are compatible in order to avoid issues later on while using your eSIM in China. Since the eSIM is a brand-new device, not all phone models are compatible with it. The new twin eSIM technologies are only available on newer devices.

Before making a purchase, make sure it is compatible with China in order to avoid being without data there. We merely looked at the eSIM provider’s website’s list of compatible handsets. Actually, you’ll discover whatever you require there.

What Do I Do When the Data on My China eSIM Is Used Up?

Having a data plan that is appropriate for your vacation is a good idea. But, in case you run out of data even earlier than your journey is through, do not worry. As previously said, one benefit of China eSIM is that you can order it from anywhere. This implies that if you quickly realize that the intended data plan won’t be adequate, you can get another one. Because of unforeseen circumstances, you might occasionally need to apply for things or have a lot of discussions with your family at home.

Alternative to China eSIM

Don’t worry just yet if you discover that your current phone is incompatible with the eSIM. Other internet options exist in China.

SIM Card

Before you depart, a number of suppliers mail the conventional China prepaid SIM cards to your house. With various durations, there are virtually endless options. We also list the different Internet options available in China to be thorough. Those choices are less attractive to us, but they will be perfect for your desires.

Pocket WIFI

Transportable WiFi routers called Pocket WiFis are very famous in Asia. Much like an ordinary router, you can connect a couple of devices right now. You do but usually deliver a second huge device in your baggage that desires to be recharged after thirteen hours of use.

Public WIFI

Although it is unquestionably the least luxurious preference, it should be made clear that while using a public WiFi community, you are not permitted to enter any non-public records, conduct transactions, or input passwords. Many hackers take advantage of the networks’ relative insecurity to their benefit. On occasion, if we happen to find public wifi all through our travels, we will check Instagram. But we primarily utilize this in addition to the China ESIM.


Nearly everyone is familiar with someone who, after a carefree vacation, returned home to an unexpectedly high phone bill, or who was possibly ready to be someone. We categorically warn against using roaming as a method of accessing the Internet since you could accidentally lose half a million dollars very rapidly.

Rent a Mobile Hotspot or Use A VPN

In China, think about renting a mobile hotspot or a portable Wi-Fi gadget. Your tool can connect to a mobile Wi-Fi network that those items have made accessible. You can make calls while using Wi-Fi calling apps to browse the web. Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) if accessing prohibited websites and apps in China is your main concern. You may get around internet restrictions and get the content you require with the aid of a VPN.

Sum Up

Don’t worry just yet if you discover that your current phone is incompatible with the eSIM. Other internet options exist in China. Remember that your location within China and your connectivity requirements may affect the specific solutions that are accessible to you. It’s also a good idea to look up the most recent travel warnings and guidelines for China’s SIM card policies and cell connectivity.