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Some tech news sites you need to know


The Internet is rife with tech news sites. There are many different ways to stay up-to-date with the latest tech news. However, these popular sites are the best way to get the latest information. To find the best technology news, you must read several websites. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available, and we’ve outlined some of the most popular below. Listed below are some of our favorite tech-related websites.

flq.com: This magazine covers a wide variety of topics, and is aimed at the mainstream audience. With long-form content and quality journalism, this site is perfect for those who want a comprehensive look at the world of technology. Among the other sites, we’ve highlighted Fortune Magazine and the Financial Times. While these are both very different, they both offer great insight into various technological trends. The latter website also offers profiles of companies and tech leaders, as well as news about the latest products and services.

This website features articles and news about cutting-edge technology. While it is not specifically tech-related, the content is useful for the average person interested in new technology. Among other topics, this site covers the latest science and earth-related topics. There’s a wide range of articles available, and the content is updated regularly. The articles here are insightful and entertaining, and they’re written by some of the top journalists in the world.

Future of Life Interactive: This website is a multimedia project that strives to reach the general audience. It also includes a photography section. The online presence of a well-known print publication, Future of Life Interactive is renowned for its in-depth content and stylish presentation. The site also features articles on the latest trends and opportunities in the IT industry. The future of life is always exciting, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest technology.

Gizmodo.com is a popular tech news site in India. It covers everything from smartphones to social media. For business people, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest in the technology world. The website also has a business version for businesses. Whether you’re a fan of gadgets or a geek in general, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.

Gigaom.com aims to bridge the gap between the academy and the consultancy world by focusing on research and analysis. The site’s innovative approach to tech news is unique, and it’s a good place to get the latest industry scoops. This website is also a great choice for people with a particular interest in the tech world. While it may not be your favorite, it’s still worth checking out.

Pocket-lint.com is another excellent site for digital product reviews. This site also covers gadgets, cars, and audio. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to technology, check out PCMag.com. Wired is another great choice for technology news. The website is dedicated to businesses in Silicon Valley. Its in-depth coverage of tech products helps readers make informed decisions. Its content is written by leading journalists in the industry.

Entrepreneur.com was founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington. Later, it was purchased by AOL for $25 million. Since then, it has become one of the best sources for coverage in the tech sector. It features articles on private market analysis, investor surveys, and tips on building a team. It also focuses on Silicon Valley technology companies. Its founders have been recognized as thought leaders and are highly respected in the industry. There are several different types of blogs, which are important for business professionals.

It is a great source for technology news. The site features stories about startup companies, the latest innovations, and more. You can also read articles about tech news related to the business world. You can also subscribe to their RSS feeds to get email alerts and notifications. And you can even download their articles to your mobile devices. You can also subscribe to their newsletters. They are free to sign up for, and the content on these sites is updated daily.

TechCrunch is one of the top tech news sites. With an active contributor base, this website covers the business side of technology, including startup information and upcoming product launches. Additionally, it has podcasts and a large database of startup information. Cnet also has a long-standing tradition. It offers unbiased reviews of consumer-tech products. The site also contains reviews and comparisons of freeware. It is a popular site with the fastest growing tech community.

Top Rated Smartwatch Apps that Are Worth Bringing To the Office


The wearable market has steadily risen over the past five years. One of the most trending features of these wearables is the ability to install and use apps. If you prefer to take a Huawei Watch 3 to your office or for workplace-related issues, there are apps that you can’t miss having installed.

The Huawei Watch 3 comes with harmony OS and assurance of updates for better response to software updates and requirements. Read this article to get the top best apps to use from your Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch at your office.


This is one of the great apps that is based on cloud task management. The app gives you the ability to make and manage your things to do for different projects for a particular day. You can have team projects or have your single projects alone on the app. There is a slight limitation to the number of projects that you can have.

The app notifies you of upcoming projects daily. You can send tasks and assignments to your juniors with a lot of ease from your Todoist app. The app will make your experience with the Huawei Watch 3 the best, like no other in the office.

iMeet Agenday

This application is referred to as the clever calendar. It has all calendars amalgamated together, whether professional or personal. The streamlined single face makes your experience stunning and easy to access all the information you need at the particular time you need it. As mentioned above, the best part of the app is that it gives extra information on your guests using LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms. The app is present for IOS and android versions for your convenience.


For a sales and marketing professional, then Salesforce takes of your needs. Salesforce gives you another level of experience in sales analytics and notifications both at the office and in the field if you have some fieldwork. If you are using an Apple smartwatch, the Salesforce app is integrated with cloud analytics. The access pane and dashboards are excellent, primarily if you use an android smartwatch-like Huawei watch 3.


Trello is the best app for letting your tasks and projects be organized manner. The app allows for the use of voice commands. The design of this app for your smartwatch ensures that there is nothing substantial that you will miss or leave out during your working hours through its interactive controls and ease of use and access. The Trello app has reminders for your important tasks and schedules for any special assignments for your day in day out activities.


This particular app online works with the presence of internet or cellular data. The app is cloud-based; therefore, internet terms and conditions apply. The ability to take voice commands makes the app very relaxed and easy to use. You can dictate your smartwatch as many notes as you can as the app gives enough cloud storage.

There are a lot of office smartwatch apps that you can find, but the above-explained seem to be the best in terms of efficiency and compatibility with most smartwatches.

A Guide For Changing Your Laptop Battery For A New One


Asus is one of the leading laptop brands on the market. The brand sells several thousand laptops globally. The popularity of Asus laptops can be attributed to their incredible quality. They are also known for their incredible laptop battery quality. However, like any other product, the batteries are prone to aging and losing their functionality. When this happens, the natural solution is to replace the Asus laptop battery (Remplacer la batterie PC Portable Asus). The following laptop battery replacement guide will come in handy.

Steps for replacing your laptop battery

The following are steps for replacing your old laptop battery with a new one;

Step 1: purchase the new battery

The first thing you have to do is buy a new battery. Contrary to popular belief, this is not as simple as walking into a laptop accessories store and asking for a new laptop battery. You must research the model and type of battery before anything else. The reason is that the replacement battery must be compatible with yours. Failure to take this step will result in several other problems that may force you to get a new battery after a short time. Therefore, you must be careful and take the necessary steps when getting a replacement laptop battery.

Step 2: Check the battery condition

After purchasing a new laptop battery, it would help to check its performance and how well it works. With a Windows OS, this should be easy. All you must do is create a battery report. You can effortlessly do this by clicking on the lower-left corner of your computer screen. A Command Prompt will be activated. Type the words “battery report” (with no space) within the command prompt and click save. With that, you can view the status of your battery. Ensure that you keenly assess the report before settling for the new battery.

Step 3: unplug your laptop

Once you have made sure that the new laptop battery is in great shape, you can start the replacement process by unplugging your laptop from the power source. This is done to ensure your safety during the replacement procedure.

Step 4: access the battery panel

You must access the battery panel to remove the old battery and replace it with the new one. The method you use for this part of the process depends on your laptop model and design. Some models have a lid that you can pop open, while others will have you detach the entire back panel to access the panel.

Step 5: Replace the battery

After getting to the battery panel, the next part is removing the old battery and replacing it with the new one. The new battery should fit in the spot effortlessly.


After keenly following all the steps mentioned above, you can not cover the battery panel. Ensure not to plug your laptop before it is covered correctly. From there, you must charge your machine before turning it on.

Common Questions Asked about FIFA coins


Are you a big fan of FIFA? If you are, then you will most likely be interested in getting the best out of your games. One of the most popular section of the game right now is the FIFA Ultimate Team. To make the most out of this section, you are going to need FIFA coins.

If you are just playing the game for the first time, you may have little knowledge of fut 21 coins. For this reason, this article has compiled some of the most commonly asked question about FIFA coins.

FAQ Guide on FIFA coins

1. What are FIFA coins?

FIFA coins are coins used to purchase the best items from the FUT store. This might include packages as well as other players. With the FIFA coins, your experience while playing the game is taken to the next level.

2. Is buying FIFA coins illegal?

FIFA coins is meant to be earned. That is the easiest way to earn FIFA coins. However, FIFA has also allowed people to buy FIFA coins from some designated sellers. However, buying your coins from any other person will be considered illegal. The punishments for doing gets stiffer as you repeat those actions.

3. How can you earn FIFA coins?

There are several ways you can earn FIFA coins without having to buy them. Here are some of the best tips.

· Squad Battles

Once you have your team all set up and looking competitive, the first thing you should do is to make sure you take the game to your rivals. In FIFA, this is called squad battles. This takes place with rivals that are in the same league with you. Taking them down will definitely leave you with some FIFA coins. That will give you more leverage in the market.

· Leave out the major packs for now

Now, it’s very easy to get sucked into the fight for the major packs in the game. This is because it can look very shiny and appealing. However, it might not be such as good idea. Instead, you should probably spread out your earning across a lot of packs. That offers more value for the coins that you will end up spending.

Should you get FIFA coins?

Yes is the definite answer. FIFA coins are what the game is all about. They can very be the difference when facing hard opponents. All you have to do is learn how to get the best out of them and you should be fine.

If you are having issues earning these coins on the game, then you should definitely look to buying them for yourself. There are sellers who will definitely help you to find the best deals in the game. Keep an eye out to make sure that it legitimate though.


So those are the most asked questions about FIFA coins! FIFA is simply one of the best things that happened to gamers in a long time. If you are a big fan of FIFA, getting FIFA coins is the only sure way of lifting your way and challenging yourself.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Iphone To Android


More often than not, when you get a new phone, you need to transfer data from your old one to the new one. Some of this data can be Whatsapp messages. Many applications currently offer cross-platform data transfer services. For instance, Samsung offers Smart Switch, which you can use to transfer messages and other data from one phone to the next. However, this tool can only be applied by Samsung users. This means that any other user would need separate tools for transferring data. Backuptrans Whatsapp Transfer allows you to transfer Whatsapp messages from your iPhone to android.

Transfering Whatsapp messages from iPhone to android using Backuptrans

Backuptrans allows you to transfer messages from your iPhone to android effortlessly without root or jailbreak. This tool supports all the android and iPhone models currently on the market. With this tool, you can either choose to transfer all Whatsapp chat messages or only chats with a specific contact. Note that no other transferring utility software can allow you to do this.

There are two methods you can use to transfer Whatsapp messages from iPhone to android using Backuptrans. They are:

a. Direct transfer

Here, the first thing you have to do is run the Backuptrans Whatsapp Transfer Software and install the latest iTunes model on both your computer and android. From there, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer. An Apple cable should come in handy here. The Backuptrans tool will automatically start loading Whatsapp data from your iPhone, listed in the software. From there, you can connect your android phone to the software.

The software will take a few seconds to detect your phone. Once it does, you can create a backup of all current Whatsapp chats on your android. After verification, the Backuptrans software will begin to display both your phone and android on its interface. From here, the rest of the task is easy. All you have to do is click the iPhone as the device you want to copy data from. Then click on your androids for the transfer to begin. From here, all you have to do is wait for the process to complete.

b. Transfer from iTunes backup

This method involves transferring Whatsapp chats from your iTunes backup to your android phone. Here, the first thing you ought to do is back up all the data on your iPhone to your computer using iTunes.

From there, you must run the BackupTrans iPhone Whatsapp to Android transfer software on your computer. After doing this, right-click on the local database. You should see an import from the iTunes backup option. Click on this option, and all the data will be copied to the database. From here, follow the transfer procedure explained in the section before this one.

Final word

Apart from Backuptrans, you can use several other tools and methods to transfer Whatsapp chats from iPhone to android. Some of these tools are One-Click, Chat Backup, Email Chat, and WazzapMigrator. You can also choose the conventional route, which us using the Whatsapp backup feature.

How to Purchase a Laptop for Small Business


Modern small businesses are mobile and rely on networks to thrive and grow. Therefore, as a business owner, there is a need to stay connected and perform your office work efficiently. That explains why you need a laptop for small business. The truth is that a laptop is now critical for any business. That is because laptops such as honor magicbook 15 have become more powerful and can be used to carry out business activities from anywhere in the world.

As far as buying a laptop is concerned, entrepreneurs have lots of choices to make when purchasing a laptop for small business. In fact, available options are lightweight notebooks to powerful laptops that can substitute the desktop computer. These are the steps to follow when buying a laptop for your business.

Determine Your Business Needs

It is advisable to come up with a list of various things the business requires. This can be as simple as the mental checklist, which includes low cost and extreme portability. If you need a laptop for other tasks such as music creation or video editing, you need to write them down. That is because such business activities need a powerful laptop.

Choose Right Category of Laptop

Maybe you want a cheaper, portable laptop that can handle word processing and internet surfing. In such a case, a notebook is a right option. On the other hand, if you want to meet intensive computing needs, such as editing media, then you should get a desktop alternative. As you know, there are different types of laptops that can fit the bill. Sometimes, an average laptop is what you need for business.

Set Your Budget

There is a need to set a budget to guide you when choosing a laptop for small business. In fact, if budget is not an issue, you can purchase a lightweight and powerful machine to suit your needs. As you know, most businesses face budget constraints, which they need to overcome. You should determine what is good for you. For instance, you need to determine whether you need a powerful processor or an excellent battery life. Always pay attention to the features to ensure you purchase the right laptop without draining your pocket.

Consider Portability

Laptops meant to replace your desktop can be quite heavy and large. If you want to carry a laptop around when attending business meetings occasionally, then portability may not be quite important. On the other hand, if you travel a lot for business meetings, then you should get a notebook weighing less than 4 pounds. You can find light and thin laptops that weigh less than 3 pounds.

Check Battery Life

If you travel a lot, then you will be without the convenience of a power socket most of the time. A laptop for small business should offer a battery life of not less than six hours. However, battery life may not be an important factor if you are going to use it in the office plugged into a power source.

Read Reviews

After narrowing your options, you can decide to purchase the laptop in a store or online. It is a good idea to purchase online as you enjoy the options of getting a great price. Ensure you check out prices from different stores and choose one with competitive prices.

YouTube cuts off fake 2020 election result live streams


While people across the country watch election night results come in from legitimate sources, some YouTube channels were trying to earn a buck off of their interest. Insider highlights several channels that kicked off fake result livestreams long before even the earliest polls closed and results started to become available.

They had fake or manipulated Electoral Collage results, and some of the streams found had monetization enabled. In a tweet, YouTube said “…we are removing livestreams that violate our Community Guidelines. We have established policies prohibiting spam, deceptive practices & scams, and we continue to be vigilant with regards to election-related content in the lead-up and post-election period.” It also pointed people toward legitimate results, as well as Google’s live counter.

This Year Will Be The Year of IPhone 12.


7 inches and also 2,778 by 1,284 pixels for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The screens are all greater resolution, as well as denser, than their apple iphone 11 precursors; the 12 and also 12 Pro are regarding the same resolution as the 11 Pro was. The iPhone 12 and 12 mini’s displays are a little brighter than the apple iphone 11’s LCD at 625 nits max illumination.1

All of the panels have a 60Hz refresh price, while leading Android phones usually have 90Hz or perhaps 120Hz displays currently. While you can see the frame-rate difference when filming screens in slow motion, it’s not truly noticeable in daily use because scrolling smoothness has always been far better on iPhones than on Android phones.2

The apple iphone 12 Pro can be found in four more subtle, matte tones. The screens are covered in a brand-new Corning product called Ceramic Shield, which Apple says is 4 times less most likely to smash than previous iPhone glass. At PCMag, we do not test ruggednessour financing contract with Apple involves returning phones to the company undamaged.

Pixel 5 ‘Battery Share’ makes reverse wireless charging easier

Pixel 5

One of the things we praised about the Pixel 5 in our review is its long battery life, which you can take advantage of if you need quick access to a wireless charger. Google’s new flagship device has reverse wireless charging capabilities called “Battery Share,” and according to its support page (found by 9to5Google), the feature automatically turns on once you plug in the phone.

When the Pixel 5 recognizes that it’s plugged in via USB-C and that it’s charging, Battery Share switches on “for a short period,” the support page says. You won’t have to worry about wasting battery life or having to manually turn off the feature, because Battery Share also deactivates by itself if it doesn’t sense another Qi-compatible device using its power within 30 seconds. The feature also switches off on its own if it knows the device you’re charging, whether it’s a pair of wireless earbuds or another phone, is already full.

Of course, you can still use Pixel 5’s reverse wireless charging capability even when it’s not connected to a power source via USB-C. If, say, you’re on the road and need to charge your Pixel Buds, simply go to the Settings app and toggle the feature on manually.

Comcast and Walmart might make smart TVs together

Comcast X1-powered TV

The next time you visit your local Walmart, you could find a Comcast X1-powered TV among the endless variety of sets from LG, Samsung and TCL. According to The Wall Street Journal, the telecommunications company is in early talks with Walmart about a potential pact that could see the retailer sell TV sets that run Comcast software, similar to its Flex set-top box. As part of the deal, Walmart would reportedly get a slice of recurring revenue from Comcast, and the TVs they make could end up bearing the retailer’s onn. branding — though a third-party would likely manufacture the TVs for the two companies.

“We’re constantly having conversations with current and new suppliers about innovation and new products we can bring to our customers, and we don’t share details of those discussions,” a Walmart spokesperson told WSJ when asked about the talks. Comcast didn’t comment on the report, but it has signaled in the past that this is something it’s interested in exploring. According to Light Reading, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said in a recent earnings call that “We’re early days, but we’re looking at smart TVs on a global basis, and we’re wondering — can we bring our same tech stack for certain capabilities in aggregation to consumers who are relying more and more on smart TVs?.”

If the talks lead to a partnership, it would put Comcast in a crowded marketplace dominated by players like Amazon, Apple and Roku where it’s late to join the fray — but that might not be a problem. It could allow the company to extend the reach of X1 and platforms like Flex outside of the regional markets where it offers cable TV. More importantly, it would be another way for Comcast to grow Peacock’s streaming subscriber base without having to depend deals with companies like Roku for support.

For Walmart, meanwhile, the deal would mean more value-priced TVs to put on shelves, with Comcast providing support and software. It also wouldn’t be the first time Walmart has entered into an agreement of this type; Walmart and Roku have something of a similar deal in place with several Onn-branded TVs and soundbars that run Roku OS.