Top Rated Smartwatch Apps that Are Worth Bringing To the Office

The wearable market has steadily risen over the past five years. One of the most trending features of these wearables is the ability to install and use apps. If you prefer to take a Huawei Watch 3 to your office or for workplace-related issues, there are apps that you can’t miss having installed.

The Huawei Watch 3 comes with harmony OS and assurance of updates for better response to software updates and requirements. Read this article to get the top best apps to use from your Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch at your office.


This is one of the great apps that is based on cloud task management. The app gives you the ability to make and manage your things to do for different projects for a particular day. You can have team projects or have your single projects alone on the app. There is a slight limitation to the number of projects that you can have.

The app notifies you of upcoming projects daily. You can send tasks and assignments to your juniors with a lot of ease from your Todoist app. The app will make your experience with the Huawei Watch 3 the best, like no other in the office.

iMeet Agenday

This application is referred to as the clever calendar. It has all calendars amalgamated together, whether professional or personal. The streamlined single face makes your experience stunning and easy to access all the information you need at the particular time you need it. As mentioned above, the best part of the app is that it gives extra information on your guests using LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms. The app is present for IOS and android versions for your convenience.


For a sales and marketing professional, then Salesforce takes of your needs. Salesforce gives you another level of experience in sales analytics and notifications both at the office and in the field if you have some fieldwork. If you are using an Apple smartwatch, the Salesforce app is integrated with cloud analytics. The access pane and dashboards are excellent, primarily if you use an android smartwatch-like Huawei watch 3.


Trello is the best app for letting your tasks and projects be organized manner. The app allows for the use of voice commands. The design of this app for your smartwatch ensures that there is nothing substantial that you will miss or leave out during your working hours through its interactive controls and ease of use and access. The Trello app has reminders for your important tasks and schedules for any special assignments for your day in day out activities.


This particular app online works with the presence of internet or cellular data. The app is cloud-based; therefore, internet terms and conditions apply. The ability to take voice commands makes the app very relaxed and easy to use. You can dictate your smartwatch as many notes as you can as the app gives enough cloud storage.

There are a lot of office smartwatch apps that you can find, but the above-explained seem to be the best in terms of efficiency and compatibility with most smartwatches.